Installing Libreplan on Fedora23 with MySql

Submitted by roo on Tue, 05/03/2016 - 12:09

Libreplan is an "open source web application for project planning, monitoring and control".

It's a webapp utilising Apache Tomcat as the application server. The distribution is thus a war file.

Installations usually use postgresql.

Having already an installed instance of MySql, I wanted to use this.

Basic instructions from were followed.

There is a later version of libreplan than the one used in that post, but there didn't appear to be the MySql script on sourceforge for the later version, so I installed the latest MySql version that had a corresponding MySql database script.

The instructions were excellent, but I did come across a couple of gotcha's:

  1. Libraries (beans) used by libreplan didn't work with Java8. I had to install the last available verion of JRE7 from Oracle which I got from here:
    (I think you need a technet account to access this.)
  2. The version of mysql-connector-java installed on Fedora with dnf didn't work either.
    I installed Connector/J 5.1.38 from :

Libreplan also has a mobile app available for Android and Windows. The website indicates that there at least used to be a webOS version, but the link no longer works. The source is available so it may be a simple matter to build it wth Phonegap.